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“Procton Computer Institute Dang, Nepal’s team is and will be dedicated to develop and improve quality IT training and service to all; achieving excellence in creative, innovative and up to-date teaching-learning, facilitating effective interactions among faculty, management and students and acting as a contributing institution for the employees, and society.”
Online education is changing the world and it’s one of the best places to find digital university providers in the world.In today’s digital world, any technology makes almost everything you do in your personal and professional life easier. This includes how to develop software, manage computer networks and maintain important IT systems on your computer or phone. You can improve your career through online courses in computer science, data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Procton Computer Institute Nepal offers a variety of online IT training options to help you with every step. Those who want to enter IT or professionals who want to reach the next level in their career can benefit from instructor-led training such as webinars, online courses and online workshops. IT at a time when you don’t want to or can’t leave home, but online training allows you to move your career forward.

Learning made easy through Online Classes

Online IT training by Procton Computer Institute incorporates the approach of real time training with modern tools. We have been offering online training for years and believe this is the rightmost time to expand it further for the benefit of hundreds of aspiring students.

Send us your detail with inquiry and we will set up everything for you. Get ready for online/virtual yet the most effective training from the comfort of your space.

Best Online IT Training in Nepal. PROCTON COMPUTER INSTITUTE in Dang is Leading and Best Computer Education Institute in Dang.Best Online IT Courses in Dang, Nepal. You may also be interested to know that we are the only online program focusing on computer training!

IT and computer science are one of the most popular subjects, offering learners the opportunity to expand their knowledge in the fields of programming, AI and cyber security. Learn from experts who are always engaged in teaching and research, and who test the limits of human knowledge.
This popularity reflects the size and number of career opportunities for officers, as experience and certificates are gained in these areas. Whether you want to expand your existing skills or learn new ones, we can help you with online IT training in computer science, programming, AI and cyber security. Whether you are taking a course in IT management, IT security or even computer technology, there are many courses that teach you the essentials.

Why Procton Computers?

  • Convenient for the students that are interested in our courses but are at distant locations
  • Higher level of comfort and trainees pursuing online courses from their convenient locations
  • Experienced Instructors with years of training expertise
  • Cost-effective and time saving training packages

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