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digital marketing

Procton Computer Institute conducts Digital Marketing Courses in Dang. Marketing is a important part of business. Marketing through internet is Digital Marketing. Todays We  All require exposure to digital Marketing. For Batches Fees Timings of Digital Marketing course you can contact Procton Computer Institute Dang.

Digital Marketing

1. Search Engine Basic

a. What is Search Engine,

How Search Engine works,

Search Engine Operates, Elements of SERP, Ranking Factor in Search Engine, Components of SEO Camping’s
b. Webmaster Tools & Search engine Submission: yahoo, Google, Bing, ask and MS Live search.

2. SEO in Digital Marketing

a. Importance of search, Importance of SEO, What is Key words, Keywords perspective
b. Importance of keywords in Digital Marketing

3. Keyword Research in Digital Marketing

a. Keywords : introduction, Type, Importance, Elements & Keyword Targeting (SEO & PPC)
b. Keyword Research Process: Writing Objectives, Brainstorming, Customers & Competitive survey, Keyword Analysis, finalizing keywords.
c. Effective use of keywords: Where and How! – Keyword emphasis on menus, content, urls, anchor tag, image tag, meta tags, blogs, social bookmarking & networking sites, plurals & Misspellings of keywords

4. On Page SEO in Digital Marketing:

a. Basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript’s.
b. Website structure and Design : Accessibility, Navigation, Usability
c. Page Architecture & Design : Meta Data, Title tag, meta description, key words tag, URLs, Anchor tag, image tag,
d. Technologies to avoid, what are best for search engines, user friendly and search engine friendly design standards.
e. Content for link building. in Digital Marketing

5. Copywriting

a. What is copywriting? Content for PPT, PDF, webmail, newsletters, Video & website content.
b. What are AIDAS, Props and Con of copywriting?
c. Copywriting process and general guide lines.

6. Link Building in Digital Marketing

a. What is link building, why it is important for SEO, Type of link building,
b. Link building process: Preparation, link source identification, link analysis, creating content, action to get link.

7. Webmaster tool

a. What is webmaster tool, importance, adding website, getting verification.
b. Adding site map, checking site map errors,
c. Checking Dead links, removing dead link.
d. Analyzing Meta data, checking back link.

8. Social Media Optimization in Digital Marketing

a. Create Google + Account, Google Business Page, SEO Guidelines how to manage.
b. Create Face book Account, Face book Page, Guidelines how to manage face book,
c. Face book marketing: Set up account, creating first face book Page, Analyzing and reporting.
d. Creating and optimizing keeping SEO in Mind: YouTube, twitter, slideshare, LinkedIn, scribd, skillpage and others, migrating element with website.

9. Google Adword, Adsence and Analytics:

Account Setup, importance, managing, creating report.

10. Directory and Classified

a. Search Engine VS directory : importance of directory submission, Google and DMOZ directory,
b. Submission process

11. Email Marketing :

Learn how to build your user list and generate more clicks.

12. SMM – Social Media Marketing

Building Brands across Social Media

13. In Bound Marketing in Digital Marketing

14. SEM – Search Engine Marketing

15. Google Adwords

16. Facebook Marketing

17. Instagram Marketing

18. Youtube Marketing