Best Tally.Erp9 Dealer in Nepal- Procton Infotech, Ghorahi-15, Dang.

PROCTON INFOTECH in Dang is Leading and Best Tally.Erp9 Distributor in Nepal. Procton Infotech Dang has been Providing Tally.Erp9 to its clients from decades. Procton Infotech, Nepal is one of the best Tally.Erp9 Dealer in Dang, Nepal.


Fast, Secure and Simply Amazing

Tally is designed to give more power to you. When you are using Tally, everything you need is right there when you need it. You can edit vouchers from within the Balance Sheet, change the Stock groups from within Stock Summary and so much more. It just operates the way you expect it to; this is such a delight to use, that you would almost feel like it’s made for you.

Designed for your business

Your business and its needs are unique, so Tally is designed to be free of any rigid processes. You can operate Tally the way you want; from things as simple as grouping stocks your way, to using multiple stock units. Your use of Tally will only be limited by your imagination.

Features of Tally.Erp9

A simple and flexible software to grow your business.

Invoicing & Accounting

Create professional looking invoices in seconds. Your bills receivables and payables are managed automatically while you save your invoice.

Inventory Management

If your business has multiple product lines and each product line needs segregation, you can do so easily with Tally.ERP 9 by defining unlimited groups, categories, batches and locations/Godowns.


Insightful business reports for confident business decisions. Wide variety of insightful reports are available for you.

Enhanced Security Management

Being a business owner,you would always prefer to keep your business data safe and secure. Use TallyVault to maintain the confidentiality of information by encrypting the data. Creation and management of users is simple and quick in Tally.ERP 9. You can create multiple users, assign security level based on the role, assign password and deactivate the users easily.